Sponsor Spotlight: Certifications of Autodesk Applications

With today's demanding deadlines driving the need for efficiency and productivity, it isn't enough just to know that your Autodesk software applications will run on your workstation. You need a hardware solution that has been tested, proven, and certified by Autodesk to deliver peak performance for your key applications.

Autodesk defines the standards and procedures to grant certification, and HP Workstation engineering teams work closely with Autodesk to ensure that each HP Workstation platform is designed to power professional Autodesk software applications with outstanding effectiveness. Autodesk understands our hardware better because of this close linkage, and HP has developed expertise in many Autodesk applications.

To the HP Workstation Division, it's not enough that you simply have peace of mind, but that you work with confidence.

In addition to working closely with Autodesk, HP collaborates with Intel, and professional graphics card vendors AMD and NVIDIA, to test HP Z Workstations and HP Elitebook Mobile Workstations to ensure compatibility, stability, and performance with Autodesk applications.

HP provides samples of all new HP Z Workstation and HP Elitebook Mobile Workstation models to Autodesk Quality Assurance (QA) departments so they can be tested and certified. When problems are uncovered, they are reported to the appropriate partner or Autodesk so they can be resolved in a timely fashion. Any updates to the AMD, NVIDIA, or HP drivers are then delivered for final testing and certification.

To ensure Autodesk customers have confidence in the solutions they purchase, the results of the testing and certifications are available online. For example, HP’s MCAD page lists certifications for all HP Workstations and graphics cards. Below is a partial list of certifications for AutoCAD 2013.

In addition, HP places certification information and NVIDIA and AMD graphics driver version data into HP Performance Advisor, a free tool available on all HP Z Workstations and HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations. Using HP Performance Advisor, users can easily download certified Autodesk and HP certified graphics drivers.(1)

Autodesk also lists certifications and graphics drivers on its Certified Hardware page. These certifications apply to Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Inventor, Maya, Revit, and applications in Autodesk’s Film & Television industry product line. The below image shows a snapshot of the simple certification query process for AutoCAD 2013.

(1) Internet access required.

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