(SMART)x Game Changers


This article introduces the concept of (SMART)x Game Changers for the built industry.  Game changers associated with (BUILT)X Solutions will be the focus of the (SMART)X Game Changer series.  Such solutions are used throughout the life cycle of facilities and infrastructure delivered by integrated teams capable of utilizing building information modeling (BIM) effectively in an integrated built environment.   This article is the first in a year long series.  (SMART)x Game Changers and (BUILT)x Solutions originated in the BUILT – BIM to FM Series published in AUGIWORLD magazine in 2012. 

The goal of the series is to open thought leaders' eyes regarding the value of IPD, BIM, and lean processes.  The series will focus on intelligent and effective use of integrated project delivery (IPD), building information modeling/virtual design and construction (BIM), and and other innovative  business processes in mining, oil and gas and heavy infrastructure and similarly capital intensive sectors of the built industry.  IPD and BIM support innovation, saving billions in costs and generating billions more in new revenue.  In short, when combined with (BUILT)X Solutions they are (SMART)X Game Changers that reduce costs, increase profits, and bring more profitable work and projects online.   These and other (SMART)X Game Changers will be explored in this series.

Articles in the (SMART)x Game Changers Series will be published in conjunction with an online series of monthly webinars offered by Collaborative Construction.  Live seminars and workshops hosted by sponsors of the series will also correspond with the written articles and the online webinars.  Seminars are scheduled throughout the U.S. and in Canada and Ireland.  Specific seminars are scheduled for Vancouver – or possibly Seattle; Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto in Canada; Dublin – and possibly Limerick – Ireland, and multiple cities in the U.S.

The 12 Webinar Topics

  • (SMART)x Game Changers Series – An Introduction for the Built Industry
  • (BUILT)x Solutions SystemTM – An Introductory Webinar
  • (BUILT)x Programs – Integrated Procurement Programs, IPP in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)x Projects – Integrated Project Delivery, IPD in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)x BIM to FM – Integrated Operations and Maintenance, IOM in 3DTM
  • (SMART)x Finance – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Lenders
  • (SMART)x Risk Management – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Insurers
  • (SMART)x Bonding – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Sureties
  • (SMART)x BIM Technologies – (BIM)X for the Built Industry
  • (SMART)x Cultural Change – (CM)X as a Tool of Change for the Built Industry
  • (SMART)x Government – IPP in 3DTM
  • (SMART)x Industries – IOM in 3DTM

Regular webinars begin in January with Series Sponsors and their invited guests attending online.  Higher level sponsors and their invitees enjoy access to archived versions of the webinars and also host live seminars and workshops throughout the year.  The list above reflects anticipated webinar topics and may change as the series progresses.

The Rationale for the (SMART)x Game Changer Series

Owners spend trillions on facilities and infrastructure annually, and trillions more on operations and maintenance.  Yet market demands remain unmet and inefficiencies abound. Current planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance methods routinely fail.   To put it bluntly, this is (STUPID)x.

This series tackles these core problems, providing a vision for savings over the full life cycle of operations.  Join Collaborative Construction for workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, and Ireland in 2013 to learn how these unique tools can save billions. 

(BUILT)x Solutions:

  • Reduce waste
  • Attack inefficiency
  • Expand market share
  • Increase revenue and profits 

Virtual models enable visualization of:

  • Planning, design, construction, and ops
  • Maintenance and reclamation processes
  • Dynamic and interactive digital systems
  • Collaborative workplace environments

(SMART)x Legal Agreements

Strategic alliances, integrated agreements, and other collaborative legal tools and frameworks enable stakeholders to integrate IT, interact intelligently, and align economic and environmental goals over time.  The (SMART)X Game Changer Series explores emerging business processes that leverage these innovative tools to reduce costs, expand revenue, mitigate risk and environmental issues, and increase market share. 

Effective IPD, BIM, and lean process programs map and align the key interests of critical stakeholders, increase the efficiency of planning, design, and construction services, and reduce operations and maintenance costs for facilities and infrastructure.  In short, (BUILT)x Solutions drive value through the entire lifecycle, saving – and earning – billions.


This series of articles and the online (SMART)x Game Changers Series provide built industry  professionals access to thoughtful analysis of innovative tools and business processes.  The webinars and seminars provide excellent forums in which to discuss emerging business processes and innovative tools and solutions that support those new business processes.  The Information Age is upon us and individuals and companies must be prepared to compete in the emerging Knowledge Economy.  The unprepared will be left behind.  Don't be unprepared!