Seeing Your Way to Greater Success

HP Z Workstations offer powerful processors, advanced memory, and cutting-edge graphics that help you get the most out of your Autodesk applications. But are there easy ways to increase your productivity even more? The short answer is “yes.”

By simply adding a second monitor to your HP Z Workstation, you can reduce the time it takes to complete your designs. How?

Well, to begin with, a second monitor dramatically increases the size of your usable desktop. It does this by allowing you to view more than one application, or multiple instances of a single application, at the same time without having to reduce the size of your primary application’s window or click between windows.

You can also extend your visualizations to both monitors for a larger field of view during presentations or demonstrations. And you no longer have to stop your design activities to run an analysis since each activity can be completed and displayed on separate monitors.

As important, two monitors allow you to handle day-to-day activities with less interruption. For example, you can run routine office applications, such as e-mail, online calendaring, or word processing, on a second monitor—eliminating the need to minimize your Autodesk applications or switch between windows.

The bottom line: two monitors allow you to spend less time moving back and forth between applications and more time focused on your core activity—designing great products.

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