Quick Tip: Using Layer Previous

Layers are the lifeblood in AutoCAD®, and if you aren’t really good at managing your layers – and more importantly, knowing how to make them behave—here’s how to ratchet up your game.  One of the oft-overlooked features on the Layers panel is Layer Previous.  At its core, this feature is a layer-specific “Undo.” 

How to Use Layer Previous

  1. Open a drawing you have been working on, then make a new layer [AW_FEB14], give it a color, and make it current; this will be our test layer.
  2. Change the Color of any other layer in the current drawing, but don’t make that layer current.
  3. On the test layer, draw a small rectangle somewhere.
  4. Click Layer Previous and the rectangle remains, but the color of the layer you changed is restored.
  5. Freeze several existing layers; now Rotate the test rectangle.
  6. Click Layer Previous and the previously frozen layers are thawed … but the rectangle is still rotated!

Needless to say, there are several situations where Layer Previous will save the day.

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