Quick Tip: Modify the Settings for “Select Similar”

The Select Similar command is absolutely fabulous, but to establish the ‘similar’ criteria, you need to type(!) the command  SELECTSIMILAR, then click or enter SE to open the Settings dialog box for the command (shown here).  Curiously, the right-click menu doesn’t even have a cascading menu for Settings, so let’s put it on the Quick Access Toolbar!

How to Add Select Similar Settings to the QAT:

1.  Open the CUI, then navigate to the command Select Similar.

2.  Right-click on Select Similar in the list, then click Duplicate.

3.  Under Properties on the right, change the Command name to Select Similar Settings, then modify the Macro to read as follows:


4.  In the Button Image area at the top, click Edit, then check the box for the Grid.

5.  After creating your masterpiece, click Save, then enter a name for this button top.

6.  Close the Button Editor, and you will see your button image alongside your command.

7.  In the upper left, under Customizations in All Files, expand Quick Access Toolbars, then expand Quick Access Toolbar 1.

8.  Now, drag your newly minted command and drop it in the list of commands on the Quick Access Toolbar.

The next time you use Select Similar, first configure the settings with your new button, then you can go right into using the command!

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