Quick Tip: Make a Copy of a Qleader Arrow

Multileaders are fine, but I’m a fan of the good old-fashioned Quick Leader [QLEADER].

Insights to Qleader

  • Alias for the Qleader command: LE
  • The DIMSCALE value governs the size of the Quick Leader text and arrowhead

How to Copy the Qleader Arrow

  1. Confirm your Dimscale value, then set the desired layer to current.
  2. Launch the QLEADER command.
  3. Enter S to open the Settings dialog box.
  4. On the Leader Line & Arrow tab, set the Second Segment to Horizontal, then click OK.
  5. Specify the three points for the leader, then enter the text.
  6. Click once on any part of the leader line to display the three grips.
  7. Click in the arrowhead grip, and put another one where you want it!

GOLD STAR TIP: Create the leader in the ‘Source’ drawing for your blocks that you put on a tool palette. Now block the leader and add it to your palette. In the Properties dialog box for the leader on the palette, set the Explode option to Yes. Good to go!

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