Quick Tip: How to Make a Custom “Ortho” with SNAPANG

Way “back in the day” (before Polar!) if we wanted to draw something at an angle, some of you/us would set a value for the SNAPANG (Snap Angle) variable.

So if you’re not familiar with what it does and you open a drawing where it’s enabled, it will mess with your head.

Bottom line: SNAPANG acts as a custom Ortho for whatever angle you want to “ortho-fy.”


1.  Type SNAPANG, then enter a value.  To disable it, enter 0.

2.  The crosshairs are not ‘square,’ but are oriented to the value of the SNAPANG.

3.  Notice in the image that the UCS is set to <World>, indicated by the small square at 0,0,0.

4.  Regardless of the orientation of the UCS, the SNAPANG value is measured from the current 0 angle (X axis orientation).

5.  When Ortho is On, the movement in all four directions of the cursor is aligned with the value of the SNAPANG.

6.  The tooltip displays the SNAPANG value when Ortho is On.

7.  When Ortho is Off, there are no restrictions to cursor movement when creating or editing.

8.  By default, when Polar is On, Ortho is Off.   Therefore, Polar values are used in creating and editing.

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