Quick Tip: How to Export Your AutoCAD Settings

My customers are busy these days, which means new hires or new computers. This begs the question, “How do I copy all my settings from one computer to another?”  Buried under the Windows Start button >All Programs >Autodesk >AutoCAD 20xx >Migrate Settings … is the Export AutoCAD Settings routine.

The resulting .ZIP file is designed to transport your AutoCAD® settings easily to another system, but it’s also a great method by which to retain the settings of your original installation.

Of course, after exporting your settings, if you need to put AutoCAD back the way you found it, use Import AutoCAD 20xx Settings.

From the Help button, I got a list of the following file types that are included in the export:


This feature has been around a long time, so even if you have an earlier version of AutoCAD, you’ll probably find that it’s available.

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