President’s Letter: Status Report

This month, I'll bring you up to date on all AUGI programs and activities.

The AUGI Community

Country Chapters – Many things are happening in the active Country Chapters. Japan has incorporated. Germany is sending out publications. Many are updating their websites. Some are calling for volunteers and leaders. Please contact Brian Benton ( to offer assistance to your country chapter.

Communities – Located on the AUGI pulldown menu, Product Communities have been going strong, but are at differing levels of expansion. These are volunteer-driven, online communities that could use your help and ideas. Please contact the community manager to let them know what you are thinking.

Local Chapters – Difficulties with the Local Chapter website have caused some concern. We have a manual process that needs to be automated. If you have web programming skills, contact Richard Binning ( to offer assistance.

Local chapter benefits have been curtailed by Autodesk. They are no longer offering NFR software and have eliminated the "one free pass to AU for 3 paid passes" that has been offered to Local Chapters in the past.

The Board of Directors is gearing up for another election cycle. This annual process is in the planning stages. We will soon start accepting nominations.


AUGIWORLD is strong and continuing to move ahead. Next up is a special issue that kicks off a year-long celebration of AUGI's 20th anniversary. Believe it or not, AUGI has been around in some fashion (first as NAAUG, then as AUGI) for nearly 20 years! We will begin the celebration in the coming issue and carry it through until the summer of 2010. Look for focuses on the past, present, and future. Don't forget to send us your AUGI stories! Email them to

We are looking to expand our stable of writers for AUGIWORLD and increase the number of articles in each issue. Want to write something for the magazine? Contact David Harrington, technical editor at david.harrington(at)

AUGI|AEC Edge – the premier edition was a success and we are working on the next issue. Want to contribute? We are currently seeking writers. Please contact Steve Stafford, editor, at

AUGI HotNews – our monthly newsletter, sent to your email inbox on a regular basis. HotNews welcomes budding writers who would like to share tips & tricks and how-to articles with fellow members. For more information about being a HotNews contributor or to share comments with the staff, email

AUGI Surveys – you have seen a few come across your InBox from Autodesk and others. We hope to expand our AUGI stable of surveys and we are looking for topics that may interest you. Some of the ideas that we have are for benchmarking the members and providing those numbers to the industries we serve. How many are doing this? Who is doing that? When are you moving forward? - the kinds of questions that we all want to know about our industry.


Autodesk University 2009 is in full planning mode. You can check out the Autodesk 2009 channel on the AUGI site for the latest program notes. We will be updating this area as plans firm up. AUGI Top DAUG will be in full swing as will the the AUGI Annual Meeting, the Beer Bust, and lots more. Stay tuned at {page_1}autodeskuniversity/default.asp.

AUGI CAD Camp – the economic downturn and AUGI management transition prevented us from hosting CAD Camps in 2009. However, we are pleased to report that we're negotiating with an event planner for the 2010 season. Stay connected for news about AUGI CAD Camp in the near future.

Web Assets

BLAUGI is chugging away with posts and information. If you would like to provide a tip to post, send it to


We are planning for the 2009 regular Board of Directors elections that will take place between now and the end of the year. We will soon provide information on the process, the timeline, and how you can get involved.

Totally New

AUGI Career Center – We are pleased to announce a major upgrade and expansion on our Career Corner Forum. Now we have a full-feature job board and career center. Post your resume, search jobs, and find employment. Another free member service that is brought to you by AUGI and JobTarget.

Employers who have opening can post them for a discounted fee for the first few months. Jump start the AUGI Career Center and post your position opening in front of more than 170,000 members internationally. Finds the best candidates – because they are AUGI members and have the most up-to-date skills in the marketplace. Go to or select the Career dropdown menu on the home page.

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