OpenTunnel Designer

Bentley has recently launched OpenTunnel Designer, the first and only purpose-built software for tunnel modeling and design. It introduces a centralized data environment so all project stakeholders can reliably access and share the most current files.

One of the advantages of using OpenTunnel is the easy interoperability of information with software like Leapfrog, PLAXIS®, OpenRoads™, OpenRail™, OpenBridge®, and ProStructures to identify errors and create alternatives for optimum design, safety, and performance.

Figure 1: Intelligent, Parametric Modeling

OpenTunnel Designer can help produce intelligent parametric models. Rich in project information and properties for various tunnel components. The software can also model the excavation shapes, excavation tracks, tunnel lining, and tunnel reinforcement. Perform clash detection with other structures, objects, and utilities to eliminate problems before they occur.

This is a true tunnel model, analyzed and designed with a 3D solution.

Figure 2: Geomodeling Capabilities

Visit this link for quick tour of OpenTunnel Designer:

You are all invited to take a deeper look to OpenTunnel:

Jossua Mejia graduated with a bachelor’s in civil engineering from the Universidad de Colima in Mexico in 2012 and obtained his master’s degree in Civil Engineering – in Tunnel and Underground Space in 2021. After six years of experience in bridge and roadway projects, he joined the Virtuosity team, the Bentley Systems eStore as a Product Sales Engineer for Civil Design solutions. His goal is to assist companies and professionals in accelerating their workflow by adopting the latest technology in infrastructure with innovative software to solve critical business issues and deliver quality.

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