Letter from the President - September 2023

Hello AUGI members, welcome to the September issue of AUGIWORLD!

It’s the time of the year for our Salary Survey issue! I know this is a favorite issue for many of you as it allows you to compare your own salary to others in your industry.

Salary surveys are important as they provide some key benefits to both employees and employers. For employers, they can aid in providing attractive compensation packages, understanding salary benchmarks, recruiting and retaining good employees, and keeping up with salary trends. For employees, they help you know your worth, provide you with valuable information to further your career, and help you identify employers that will value you as an employee. Also, look closely at the benefits your organization provides as well. Benefits are often worth more than you think, especially with the rising cost of health insurance.

In addition to the Salary Survey, you can look forward to a Visibility in Revit article as well as a few other great articles from our talented community of authors.

I’d like to take a minute and encourage all of you to check out our AUGIWORLD Podcast. The title of the podcast is AUGIWORLD The Podcast and can be found on any podcast platform. Eric DeLeon is doing a fantastic job managing the podcast and bringing excellent content to AUGI members. You’ll hear interviews with industry guests as well as audio recordings of our AUGIWORLD articles.

If you have a suggestion for a podcast guest let us know.



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