Letter from the President - September 2020

Time marches on, and there is just no stopping it! This rings especially true for September as I turn another year older. Not just another year older, but one year away from another big number, which I refuse to disclose! Life so far has not always been easy, but it is mine. I often wonder what my career would look like if I had not dropped out of college at the age of 18 (yes, I am a Penn State dropout!). Instead I took a year to explore real estate (bad idea at the time) and finally ended up in a technical school that catapulted the career path to where I am today. It is truly our own choices that guide the paths we take.

It is so easy to look back over life and question why some things happened, but the best we can do is look forward to whatever lies ahead while being present in today. This year has been one of uncertainty in our job market, and our hope here at AUGI is that we can continue to provide a platform of support and software information to help boost your skills for whatever lies ahead. Our forums are very active and there are always members there to help answer any questions you have. We would value your input, too!

September is one of our favorite AUGIWORLD issues – our Annual Salary Survey issue! Finally some survey data we can believe! All of our data comes directly from you, our AUGI members. This is a great way to compare your salaries and job conditions to others in your field. We have even heard of members who have used the Salary Survey to obtain salary increases! (Disclaimer: we make no guarantee whatsoever that this will happen for you! But we are saying it has been done!) This year we had some additional Covid-19 related survey questions. Melanie Stone pours her heart and soul into managing this survey every year, and we again applaud her efforts with this edition! Members from all over the globe contribute to the Salary Survey, and we thank everyone who participated. If you missed out this year, look for the survey to open next July!

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy as we continue on this journey of an uncertain year. I will do my best to blow out those birthday candles (fire extinguisher at the ready!) and make a wish for a better world!

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