Letter from the President - September 2015


I am writing this letter only a few days after the conclusion of the Revit Technology Conference for North America, held this year just outside of Washington, DC. The event was yet another success*. For those of you who might not know about RTC, the conference is a three-day event that focuses on Revit, BIM technology, and collaboration. AUGI is a proud sponsor of RTC.

The event is intentionally kept at a relatively small size because the committee firmly believes that the true value of the event is in the networking that occurs between that classes and into the evening—very, very late into the evening! 

A perfect example of the sort of networking that can occur is something that happened to me at this last event. Right after one session a friend of mine was talking to me in the hallway and had mentioned that she had a conversation with two gentlemen about the conference. She did not get their names but mentioned that they both had British accents. Another session was starting so we went our separate ways. At lunch, which was right after that session, I got my food, found a table with an opening, and starting talking with the three other folks there. Imagine my surprise when the two men at the table happened to have British accents! Yes, they were the very same gentlemen with which my friend had conversed earlier. In another coincidence, one of them had attended the same session I had just prior to lunch. So I had the chance to not only discuss the conference in general with them, effectively continuing their discussion with my friend, but to also discuss the stimulating session we had just attended.

This kind of networking is what makes RTC such a great event to attend. 

RTC sold out this year with quite a bit of time left before the event so registration was extended to allow 600 total folks to attend. This was a bit of an experiment to see if the size of the event was close to the “maximum” that the committee felt would still allow the sort of networking that is the priority. We are happy that this larger size still met the goal, but it is doubtful that it will be allowed to grow larger. This means that if you want to attend this event, or any of the other RTC events, you should register early. 

Speaking of registration…

Autodesk University, which AUGI is also proud to sponsor, is rapidly approaching. Several months ago I wrote about the AUGI registration code (AUGITRK) for AU. You should have seen several reminders about this code in emails and on AUGI’s website by now. Have you used this code when registering for AU?

>Using the AUGI code, AUGITRK, benefits both you and AUGI, so please remember to use it when registering.<

I hope to see you at AU, which will be here before we know it!

R. Robert Bell 
AUGI President

*Disclaimer: I serve on the committee for RTC North America.

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