Letter from the President - September 2012

Dear AUGI member,

Welcome to the September 2012 issue of AUGI HotNews!

In the last issue, I mentioned the active survey on the site and that seems like a good lead in to this letter as well! The survey of the month is “AutoCAD Users: What was the first version you used?” It is hard to believe that AutoCAD has had 26 releases! Personally I started back in 1987 on version 2.6. Ah, those were the days…sometimes I miss the screen menu…

Now, with that out of the way, onto the updates!

Tiered Membership Plan
We are not live yet… and this is driving me crazy! But, we are in testing. We’ve got our secure certificate for processing payments and our developer has been killing bugs left and right. The expectation is about two weeks, so please keep an eye on the website for when we go live. If I have to report that it isn’t live again in October, I’ll pitch a fit!

Local User Group Listing
If you have information about a group in your area (even if you are not managing it yourself), please feel free to share that data with our LUG Director Shaun Bryant ( The programming on this will begin after the Tier programming is complete.

AUGIWorld magazine is still pushing out great issues. However, we are still looking for someone to volunteer as a Content Manager for AutoCAD Plant 3D as well as Alias products. If you know these products and would like to assist in finding authors please let me know ( Also if you have any imagery such as renderings you would like to see on the cover, just contact me.

AUGI Wish List System
We have been collecting wishes for a year and about to begin the 2012 Top Ten. With the new system, there isn’t much to begin (luckily) beyond just letting you know to go vote. So far, we have more than 52,000 rankings and already have more than 26,000 votes cast. Do your part – join the fun! ({page_400346})

Autodesk University 2012
Officially, registration opens for AU2012 on September 5th. Register at This year, AUGI will have a large booth in the International Community Pavilion, along with nine products for Top Daug testing and our annual meeting Wednesday evening followed by the Beer Bust. Many AUGI volunteers and staff will be at AU2012 – please look for us and say hi!

Want to be an AUGI Volunteer?
This organization exists because of members like you choose to help out and donate a bit of their time to help in areas of their passion. Do you have an interest in helping? If so, the first step is getting with Dezi, our Volunteer Director ( She can help figure out where you want to help or explain where the needs are at the moment.

And with that, see you in the forums!

Take care,
David Harrington
AUGI President

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