Letter from the President - October 2022

Welcome to the annual “Customization” edition of AUGIWORLD!

Our world is built on customization. We customize our homes, our vehicles and even our jobs. The purpose of customization is to create something that works better for us as individuals, families and teams.

When working with CAD and BIM software, customization makes it possible to create better workflows and to improve processes that are begging to be streamlined.

What is customization?

Customization is Subassemblies in Civil 3D, Families in Revit, Dynamo Scripts for Revit or Civil 3D, Tool Palettes, Ribbon Components, Templates/Prototypes, Blocks/Cells, Command Macros, Aliases, Shortcut Keys, in addition to all the programming code (C++, AutoLISP, .NET, VBA, Diesel, etc.) that is available to us as well.

Customization is creating content to standardize your organization, enabling the creation of drawings that are consistent no matter who creates them.

Customization is improving the CAD/BIM interface to make it more functional for the individual user or for an entire organization.

Customization helps you to follow national or international CAD and BIM standards.

Read on to find articles from our wonderful authors on Mapbooks in Map 3D, Custom Subassemblies in Civil 3D, Customization of Site Grading and more.

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful fall colors, whether that is the beautiful array of colors in tropical locations or the oranges and reds that flag the colder weather that is returning.



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