Letter from the President - October 2020

Autumn is finally here! As much as I enjoy summer, there is just something about cool October evenings and the kaleidoscope of color in the leaves. I remember as a kid we had large maple trees in our yard. My dad would spend hours raking the leaves into a huge pile only to have us kids jumping into them and effectively scattering the leaves everywhere again. Dad would patiently rake them again and the cycle would continue. What great memories!

Living in the northeast United States, the changing seasons are dramatic. We can go from near 100°F temperatures in the summer, to below 0°F in the winter! It seems extreme, but we adapt. Our closets range from shorts and t-shirts for the summer to winter coats, sweaters, and snow boots for the winter. Swimming pools that are well-used in the few summer months are covered from fall to spring. We even have a store here that sells swimming pools in the warmer months and woodstoves in the cooler months. Genius! Air-conditioning gets switched over to heat – sometimes in the same day! In other words, we customize our environment to suit our level of comfort.

Which brings me to this month’s AUGIWorld topic – Customization! Out-of-the-box software gives us a basic start, but the ability to customize the tools and interface is what makes the user more productive. Our AUGIWorld authors have put together some amazing articles on their favorite customizations.

I certainly hope you will take the time to read the articles, but if you find yourself busy customizing software, how about a podcast instead? Our very own Brian Andresen and Todd Rogers are putting together a podcast of AUGI articles (think of them as AW audiobooks). Links to the podcasts will be posted on our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), so keep an eye out for them.

As most of you know, our Annual General Meeting is usually held during the week of Autodesk University. Since AU is being held virtually, we are also looking to host the AGM on a virtual platform. As of the writing we are still ironing out those details. Again, please keep an eye on our website ( and our social media channels for forthcoming details.

Time for some hot chocolate and a cozy fireplace!

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