Letter from the President - October 2012

Dear AUGI member,
Welcome to the October 2012 issue of AUGI HotNews!

Over the last month we have been working (honest!) to complete our new projects and have studied to flesh out ideas for new ones and improve existing projects.

Tiered Membership Plan
Still not live… and I’m pitching a fit! Not, not really. We’ve been through about three or four beta cycles in an effort to make our new programming as solid as possible. We’ve not had this large of a web development project since the new website rollout at the end of 2010. Part of the new plan will be logging in, and this means you! Many of the membership benefits will require a logged-in status. So if you are having trouble with logging in, you need to contact us and get that working.

Once we go live with the new membership tiers you will have two additional options for membership. The free one that we have now is being renamed “Basic” with more or less the same benefits. The next level up is Premier and it is $25 a year. It has a number of additional benefits (which we are still programming). The top level of membership is Professional and it is $75 a year. Actually the dues are $100, but we are running a short time special to help increase interest when we roll out. One of the main benefits of the Professional membership at this time is getting AUGIWorld magazine in print delivered right to your mailbox.

Local User Group Listing
Our LUG Director Shaun Bryant ( is actively looking for local user groups to help improve the LUG Resource Kit. Would you like to help and contribute your insight into running a group? Please contact Shaun and pitch in!

AUGIWorld magazine
Our authors are still pushing out great issues. And I am still looking for someone to volunteer as a Content Manager for AutoCAD Plant 3D as well as Alias products. If you know these products and would like to assist in finding authors, please let me know ( Also, if you have any imagery such as renderings you would like to see on the cover, just contact me.

AUGI Wish List System
The Top Ten for 2012 is beginning to take shape! We have now more than 57,000 rankings and already have more than 29,000 votes. However, since the last HotNews, the Buy A Wish portion of the WLS has gone LIVE! The concept with the BaW part of the wish list is that some wishes are more important than others – at a monetary level. You start with $500 to fund development of your favorite wishes. Spread the money as you see fit and the collective desires of our members will help Autodesk do their work to provide great products. We will be releasing this additional value report to Autodesk at AU2012. So do your part – join the fun! ({page_400346})

Autodesk University 2012
Are you going? I hope so! If you have yet to register, you can do so at This year, AUGI will have a large booth in the International Community Pavilion, along with eight products for Top Daug contest and our annual meeting Wednesday evening followed by the Beer Bust. Many AUGI volunteers and staff will be at AU2012 – please look for us and say hi!

Want to be an AUGI Volunteer?
This organization exists because of members like you choose to help out and donate a bit of their time to help in areas of their passion. Do you have an interest in helping? If so, the first step is getting with Dezi, our Volunteer Director ( She can help figure out where you want to help or explain where the needs are at the moment.

Call for nominations!
The annual election cycle for the AUGI Board of Directors will be open Oct 8-22. Visit for more information.

And with that, see you in the forums!

Take care,

David Harrington
AUGI President

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