Letter from the President - November 2022

Hello to all the AUGIWORLD readers!

I found out at AU 2022 in September, that there is at least one person that reads the president’s letter (shout out to Ronda Wiley!), which gave me inspiration to keep writing!

I’d love to hear from anyone who wants to contact me at Tell me what type of articles you’d like to see, if you want to write an article, or if you have another way that you’d like to be a part of the AUGI community. The AUGI Board of Directors is currently working on improvements to AUGI and to the AUGI website to make it a place that means more to AUGI members and provides more value for the CAD & BIM community. I feel like we are at a precipice of change that has huge potential!

I think most of you know that AUGI is now an independent organization and as such we are embracing articles from all CAD/BIM professionals, no matter what software they are using. We are also welcoming diverse advertisers.

I’ve been hearing from a few AUGI members that AUGI needs to have more of a presence. How would you see us increasing our presence? Would another conference (at a different time of year from AU) be welcome? What about more virtual presence? Do you need an easier place to connect with peers? What is something you need from a CAD/BIM user group organization that you think AUGI can provide?

The magazine this month focuses on education & training, which is part of what AUGI was founded on, to provide a platform and an environment for CAD/BIM software users to help each other!

Something that I’ve started doing in all my training classes recently (I’ve done this before, but I’m going back to it again) is to ask each person for one thing they enjoyed learning about during the training session that day. I’m addicted to hearing the excitement and joy people feel when they share what was important to them! I also find that I’m sometimes surprised by what they say, which humbles me and helps me to realize that we all have different needs.

While at AU I was attending a session, all the attendees were asked what their favorite command or tool is in their software. The group was diverse from both AutoCAD and Revit backgrounds, so I heard all kinds of answers. But one attendee answered TSPACEINVADERS, and I’m thinking, in AutoCAD? I’ve never heard of this tool. But sure enough when I googled it, the command existed. I absolutely love when I find out about a new command or feature and I’m not ashamed to admit I had never heard of this command until that moment in time and I’ve been using AutoCAD since 1987 (v2.5)!

So, what’s your favorite command or tool? If you all send me your favorite and why you love it, I’ll write an AUGI article on favorite commands/tools (from any software), I’ll credit each one of you that contacts me, and I’ll convince our editor to publish it. I personally think this sounds like a fun article to write and I’m claiming it!

Happy reading!



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