Letter from the President - November 2012

Dear AUGI member,

Welcome to the November 2012 issue of AUGI HotNews!

Here is the latest and greatest news about AUGI and other activities…

Tiered Membership Plan
The new membership plans are going live in early November. We were not able to push it live by the release of this HotNews issue, but I will edit my letter in the library when it does go live. As I mentioned last year, we are renaming the free membership level “Basic”, then adding a Premier membership level at $25 per year. A higher membership level at Professional will also be added for $75, a discount during the introductory period.

Now the big question:  will you pay to join either of these higher membership plans? Soon, you will receive a direct email about the new membership levels and hopefully you will find the benefits and features as enticing as we do. It is the first major step to bringing more benefits to you, and toward AUGI becoming more independent of fluctuations in the Autodesk advertising channel (where AUGI generates most of the revenue we use for organizational operations).

One of the major benefits of the new Professional membership level is AUGIWORLD in print. Once you sign up for the Professional membership, you will begin to receive AUGIWORLD magazine in your physical mail box (not just your email inbox). As an avid reader of paper magazines, you simply don’t know how good it feels to hold AUGIWORLD in your hands in full color and printed on wonderful thick paper. Not only do you have the same content as the digital edition (and you’ll get it earlier), but your engagement with the written word is actually improved when it is presented this way. And as time progresses, we will continue to develop improvements to AUGIWORLD to even greater benefit for AUGI Professional members.

AUGI Wish List System
NOW IS THE TIME TO GO VOTE! If you want to have your voice heard in this year’s AUGI Top Ten Wish Lists, you need to head on over and cast your vote(s). We will be presenting the results of the voting during the AUGI Annual Meeting held at AU2012. ({page_400346})

Autodesk University 2012
The AUGI Annual Meeting is being held Wednesday November 28, 2012 at 5pm PT. If you are coming to this year’s AU, you absolutely MUST attend! Not only will you learn about the great things AUGI has managed to do this year, but you will hear about the new plans for next year as well! And if you attend, you are guaranteed to get your hands on an AUGI Beer Bust glass pint for AU2012. These things are true collector items and go fast!

We’ll be recording the Annual Meeting as well – look for that in a future President’s letter.

AUGI Board of Directors Election Season
The first stage of our annual election process is over, and we received a number of nominations from interested members and volunteers. The Nominations and Elections committee, chaired by Peter Jamtgaard, is now validating the nominations and collecting the nominee information. A  discussion forum for a little Q&A with the candidates will open in the AUGI Forums soon. Keep an eye on for more information.

Until next time, see you in the forums…


Take care,

David Harrington
AUGI President

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