Letter from the President - May 2024

Hello AUGI Members,

My name is Eric DeLeon and I’m your new AUGI President.

I can’t even begin to express how incredibly honored and excited I am to serve in this position to work shoulder-to-shoulder with my fellow AUGI Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members to continue the AUGI legacy in providing first-class information and resources to all of our AUGI members across the world.

We pride ourselves in being the CAD/BIM information hub of the world that’s built for CAD and BIM users by CAD and BIM users. We have some big things in store for you in 2024 and beyond, so keep an eye out as things roll out this coming year.

This month’s AUGIWORLD Magazine focus will be on implementation.

Guy Kawasaki once said, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard”.

Now let’s unpack Guy’s quote…

Ideas are easy - I think we can all agree that coming up with different ideas during the ideation process is the easy part. This is how it should be in my opinion as we don’t want to stifle the creative process and allow all involved to be able to share ideas, express themselves, and for the collective to talk things through at what is possible.

Implementation is hard - Now bringing ideas to life and integrating them into the fold is definitely challenging and can be a complex process that requires thoughtful planning, strategic thinking, and effective execution. Here are some practical tips as you work through your next implementation project. Have a clear vision. Know what the end result is and reverse-engineer the steps to reach that specific outcome. All ideas are welcome. Don’t stifle the creative process. Share and keep track of all ideas. Plan for the worst case. Play devil’s advocate so that you can think through all the things that may/could be wrong and make a plan on how to address those accordingly. Assign roles & responsibilities. As you finalize the plan, make sure to assign those tasks to the appropriate ones that can get the job done. Create a schedule. A task without a schedule is just another item on the To-Do list. Plan out the work with dates and then work the plan. Don’t underestimate the execution. There are always more problems that will arise during implementation than you thought of, so be flexible.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue and a big thanks to all of the Authors that have contributed an article this month.


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