Letter from the President - May 2021


I must tell you all that I LOVE SPRING. I love the sunshine, the warmer weather, and the feeling of renewal. I feel an increased sense of peace and happiness (especially since my taxes are done).

I also love new software, which always comes in the spring! I am one of those strange people that like to live on the “bleeding edge” of technology. I look forward to new software features every year and I’ll tell you why. New software features often mean that the software companies are listening to the users. Yes, I realize that software companies do have their own agendas and not all new features are based on user requests. But I still take joy in new features. One of the new features in AutoCAD has been on the wish list for so long I can’t remember when it was first added and that is the ability to pull a drawing tab to a different monitor – without running a separate instance of AutoCAD. Can we have a hallelujah for this one? Additionally, I’m in love with the new Count feature!

This AUGI issue is full of articles discussing the new features released in the 2022 versions of Autodesk software. So if you are like me and enjoy reading about new tools or if you just want to torture yourself with new features that your organization won’t let you have yet, then enjoy this month’s issue of AUGI magazine!

My best regards to all of you,


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