Letter from the President - March 2024

Hello AUGI members,

Welcome to the Tips & Tricks issue of AUGIWORLD!

I am a big fan of tips & tricks. I love sharing information that helps others in their job. Anything that you can share with your co-workers will help you and your entire team.

Some ideas for sharing information with co-workers:

  • Setup an internal document that everyone can contribute to (perhaps in SharePoint or a company intranet page).
  • Hold a monthly internal user group meeting (virtual meetings are fine) and use 10 minutes of the time to share tips & tricks.

Over the years I’ve seen so many CAD/BIM users that have been given a tip and immediately asked me how long the software has been able to do that. Usually the answer is for at least 5 years, but sometimes the answer is 10 or 20 years. The response given is almost always a groan and the software user asks me why they didn’t hear about it sooner.

If you are a solo CAD/BIM user, look for online tips and tricks, make an effort to reach out to people in your software community that can assist, join an online group on Linkedin, Facebook, etc. or read AUGIWORLD :)



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