Letter from the President - March 2021

Hello and welcome to March! This will be the start of Spring for some of you and the last month or two of winter for others. Here in Northern Utah, we are never sure when winter will end, but we always hope for March. For me, in particular, I love to do some gardening. So, I welcome spring and being able to get some vegetables planted and I think this year I will be putting in new strawberry plants!

This month’s AUGIWORLD is dedicated to tips and tricks. Tips and tricks are the lifeblood of the CAD/BIM user! I personally find that I learn something new almost every day, mainly because I hear or see a co-worker share a tip, or I read an online article or post that opens my eyes to a new way to solve a problem or use a software tool. It is these small things that make a difference in our quality of “work” life!

I encourage all of you to share those tips and tricks you learn, or know, with your co-workers and others. A great way to do that in our current climate of working f rom home is to use some of the online tools that most organizations use to communicate. Tools like Teams, Slack, Google Chat, Discord and Mattermost. Consider creating a group where co-workers can share tips and tricks for CAD and BIM. This can easily fill in for the monthly internal user group meetings that many companies held prior to the pandemic. An excellent first post would be a link to the AUGI membership page so that your co-workers can receive all the great information that you currently have access to!

So, read on and learn something that will help you have an easier day and then share it with those in your circle!

My best regards to all of you,


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