Letter from the President - March 2020

It is March Madness time! I am not a basketball fan, but March Madness tends to grip the attention of many of my acquaintances during this month. The excitement of the college games, the brackets, and the upsets, keep fans glued to the television for the month of March. Personally, I prefer watching spring unfold in the northeast U.S. March signals the light at the end of the tunnel for winter, and the start of warmer weather.

This month, several of the AUGI board members and authors will be presenting class sessions at ATG’s Midwest University. This conference is being held March 18-19, 2020, at the Mystic Lake Casino outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you have not been to MU, I highly recommend it! MU is a scaled down, but just as relevant, version of Autodesk University. The caliber of presenters there is bar none. Many of the same presenters have also led sessions at AU. I am looking forward to presenting a session on Autodesk FormIt and hope to see you there!

March is also a great time to begin spring cleaning! I absolutely love when the weather here in Pennsylvania gets warm enough to open the windows and air out the house. Stores have bought into the spring-cleaning craze and offer great deals on everything you “need” to clean and organize your home. If it doesn’t “spark joy” pass it along. The dust bunnies will run and hide when they see the vacuum, so be sure to move the furniture to eradicate those little beasts. Everywhere you look, on social media, in magazines, and on television, there will be cleaning gurus offering their best tips and tricks to have your home looking and smelling fantastic, just because it’s spring.

This month’s issue of AUGIWorld is not intended to cause any “madness”, but in-stead, bring Tips and Tricks to help you in your everyday work processes. Our au-thors have been working diligently behind the scenes to bring you their favorite tips and tricks when working with design software. I hope this issue helps to “spark joy” in your work! We would love to hear your own tips and tricks in our forums and future AUGI articles!

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