Letter from the President - March 2013

Hello AUGI member!

With the release of this letter, ¼ of the year has gone by! Time does fly when you are having fun!

Not only are many of our fellow members quite busy this time of year looking at Autodesk solutions, but many are also engaged in various user communities. If you have not looked at the opportunities available to you, then you really should take a gander. From LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and all the way to the AUGI Forums, come on out and meet up…virtually!

Board of Directors
We are looking to restart our efforts at Product Communities with new programming and resources being planned and soon to be implemented. We also are looking to develop Industry Communities as a complementary resource that get out of the “product box” and into the day in and day out real world. Interested in contributing? It’s easy, contact for Product Communities and

Last month I put out a invitation to get on the cover of AUGIWORLD and AUGI member Dimitri Harvalias of Vancouver, BC, Canada, took me up on the opportunity and sent me the image found on the March 2013 AUGIWORLD cover. It is a shot he took in his local area of a bridge under construction. So once again, if you are interested just contact me.
The fundamentals of the website are very stable (which is very nice) and so besides a continuing growth of the AUGI Library many articles there isn’t that much new to report. We do have some programming enhancements going on in development, namely the local user group system and after that a rebuild of the login & cookie functionality.

A repeat from February letter…Do you really eat, sleep, and breathe Autodesk software? If so, you really should consider becoming an AUGI Professional member. Not only do you get all the great benefits of being a “Pro” you get access to the Autodesk Developer Network for 2013. Want to know more? Check it out and then upgrade yourself.

Local User Groups
Just when we though the LUG handbook was done, we have had a few more edits to the document. It will be out by the time of the next letter from me! When it goes live it will be here and will contain tons of helpful information on starting and running a local user group in your area.

Revit Technology Conference
Do you by chance use Revit? Or do you care about BIM? If you don’t know about either then skip on by to the next paragraph. But if these do resonate with you then you might want to consider http:/ as a summertime option for gaining insight and professional grade training on Revit and similar solutions. AUGI is a Gold Sponsor of RTC Events and their series of 3 conferences this year.

Autodesk University
And if you don’t get a summertime fix for conferences, then please put on your calendar coming to Autodesk University in November (it’s only 8 months away) and check out for more info! I know I’ll be there!

And with that, this letter is a wrap!

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