Letter from the President - June 2021

Hello AUGI Members!

The June issue of AUGIWORLD is dedicated to implementation. I’ve spent a good portion of the last 23 years of my life helping customers with software implementation and migration, either rolling out new versions of their software or switching to a completely new software for their CAD/BIM needs. Some years I’ve felt like a roving CAD manager!

  • I have some strong opinions on software implementations. The most important being that there must be a plan! The plan should consist of the following basic elements (at the minimum):
  • Timeline
  • Customization, Template, Family/Block development
  • Training
  • Mentoring

I strongly believe that when you implement a new software in your organization, after software training, you should have a solid plan for mentoring employees. Whether that means bringing in an outside resource once a week or dedicating an existing employee as a mentor during set hours each week.

Having a solid plan for software implementation/migration equals success! If any of the core elements aren’t implemented, then you are sure to experience more pain during the process than is necessary.

Finally, how do you get a good plan? A good plan is built by starting with a discovery! A discovery consists of going through a process of questioning your internal needs, processes, and workflows to see what software/services are needed, what should be customized and what content needs to be developed. At that point you should have a good idea if you’ll need an external resource to assist with any part of your plan.

My best regards to all of you,


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