Letter from the President - July 2023

Hello AUGI members!

I’ve been looking forward to the July issue of AUGIWORLD, this is because I love reading about 3rd party applications for CAD/BIM products!

Every week someone asks me about the availability of a feature in AutoCAD. About 50% of the time, it’s a feature that is already in the software, about 25% of the time it’s available in a free plug-in (like a LISP routine or some other programming code), and the other 25% of the time the feature they are looking for is something a little more complex, like say a tool to create keynotes/construction notes for a project.

Something like this is where I turn to 3rd party applications. There are a variety of places to locate add-on applications for your CAD/BIM software. For any Autodesk software you’ll want to check out Especially now that AutoCAD LT 2024 can use LISP routines! For Bricsys products go to For SolidWorks, has an extensive list of 3rd party tools, but an Internet search will give you additional suggestions.

One of my favorite 3rd party developers for AutoCAD products is JTB World! JTB has a few tools that I really love, including, JTB Page Setup Fix, JTB SSMPropEditor, JTB SmartBatch and more. Some of JTB’s tools work with other programs like BricsCAD and GstarCAD. I recommend you visit and take a look at everything available.

Another one that I recommend quite often is SmartDraft. They have a Construction Notes Tool available on the Autodesk App Store that might suit your keynote needs.

Whatever you need, check out one of the websites I’ve recommended or just do a quick Internet search, maybe you’ll find just the tool you’ve been looking for!



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