Letter From The President - July 2014

Last month I spoke of change. Continuing in that theme I wanted to talk about a change that the Board of Directors is contemplating regarding the AUGI website.

The website has gone through several changes over the last two decades. The dust has settled from the transition from the prior management company and it is time to take a look at the website with fresh eyes.

The Board of Directors recognizes that websites need to be responsive to being viewed on a wide variety of devices. If you are like me, I view websites on my workstation, on my laptop, on tablet devices, and finally on my mobile phone. I suppose that I could view websites on my television too, but I’m not that sick (yet).

Think about it. What is your reaction when you go to one of your favorite websites on your mobile phone and the experience is dreadful compared to your experience on your workstation? I’m not saying that I expect your experience viewing the AUGI website on your small format devices to be dreadful. But the Board of Directors sees that there are good reasons to improve your experience across a wide range of devices.

We would love it if you were out shopping with your significant other and wanted to sneak a peek at the AUGI site on your mobile phone while your partner is in the dressing room!

With that goal in mind, the Board of Directors will begin researching what it will take to achieve this goal. We will be relying on the management team that I mentioned in last month’s letter to provide the Board of Directors with their recommendations, a breakdown of costs, and the expected benefits.

AUGI’s Board of Directors always has the AUGI membership first in their minds. You are our highest priority. We want you to be happy with the benefits that are provided you as an AUGI member. Please reach out to the Board of Directors at to tell us how you feel about a website update.

I should also mention that AUGI has begun discussions with Autodesk regarding this year’s Autodesk University. Yes, it is time to begin thinking about that event. Are you making plans to attend? If so, we would love to see you at the AUGI Annual Meeting so that we can meet face-to-face and discuss what you feel is important to you as an AUGI member. We have plans to shake up the format and make the meeting an enjoyable event. We hope to see you there.

In closing, I would like to say that change might be a scary thing. Or it can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes all it takes is a difference in perspective. Let us know your perspective!

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