Letter from the President - January 2023

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a blessed holiday season!

Our January issue of AUGIWORLD is aimed at trending technologies. Even though we are all in different industries, all these industries have one thing in common, and that is technology change.

I think of what technology was like when I was a child (home phones, cassette players, microwaves), again when I got my first “career” job in 1989 (286 computers, car phones), and even 15 years ago (Facebook and social media). It never ceases to amaze me how different the world of technology is today. I would never have imagined thirty years ago (when I was 24), that we would be able to use cameras to capture millions of points to create digital models of the ground and buildings!

Constant technology change is something that we all have learned to live with, it’s a significant part of our lives. Especially with the phones and mobile devices we have access to.

Within our industries, we see augmented & virtual reality, robotics, cloud-based software, cloud-based project collaboration, machine learning, and too much more to list here.

What technology is changing your industry right now? What technology is changing your personal life right now? What can we do to use technology to improve the lives of human beings?

These questions remind me of something that Steve Jobs said “It's not faith in technology. It's faith in people.”

People (we) make the technology run, we are the ones that invent(ed) it, we can make it bring people together, use technology to improve our industries, and improve our lives.



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