Letter from the President - January 2020

Welcome to a brand new year of AUGIWorld! January is a fresh start and the beginning of a new decade. I always look forward to a new year, and of course, the futile attempt at following through on those New Year’s resolutions! The new year is a great time to set new goals for the year, both personally and in business. As of this writing I have not settled on what those will be, but I am certain that none of them will involve giving up chocolate!

The promise of a new year also brings hope. I want to share with you my hopes for AUGI in 2020. First, I hope that you, our members, find value in your membership. We have some amazing partners who offer our members some pretty awesome benefits. In addition to our free membership (yes, FREE!), we have two paid levels of membership that offer additional discounts and benefits. Check them out on the AUGI website!

My second hope for AUGI is that this would be a year of exponential growth, not just in numbers but in substance. As I have said before, this is an independent volunteer user group. That means we rely on our members for content for the forums and for AUGIWorld. And by “members” we mean YOU!

We certainly appreciate those of you who regularly contribute to either or both of our formats. While we try to engage partners to provide tangible benefits to our members, the true purpose of a “user group” is to share knowledge and support one another in the industry. My hope is that you will consider your own contribution to the greater good of AUGI this year. Write one article. Answer a forum question. Engage with other us-ers on the forums and in social media. Our LinkedIn groups have become very popular! We now have the ability to discuss all forms of design software technology. This should open a whole new world for AUGI—both online and in print. As I shared at our Annual General Meeting in November, we are nearing the 500,000-member mark. That is awesome in itself, but imagine if every one of those members contributed something to AUGI this year!

Finally, my hope for AUGI this year is that we continue to be a driving force in the in-dustry, connecting our users to the people who make the technology and tools that we use every day. We are working to update our Wish List system and hope that you will continue to share your wishes. Those wishes go directly to our software developers, so know that you are truly being heard!

Let’s move AUGI forward together in 2020. Good luck on those resolutions!

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