Letter From The President - January 2014

Happy new year AUGI member!

Well we have entered 2014 with a bang and are ready to rock! The AUGI Board of Directors have a lot planned this year and here's your first chance to find out what! Although with a new Board also means changes, so actually I don't have a ton to report!

First up is congratulations to Melanie Perry and Shaun Bryant on their reelection to the Board. And welcome Walt Sparling of Florida, USA, as our newest Board member. All of these directors have committed themselves to sit through 3 more years of meetings and countless emails. Maybe they should be committed. :)

Next up is the return of the AUGI ADN for 2014! We unveiled this benefit in 2013 for AUGI Professional members but with the caveat that it would only be one year. Well Autodesk was gracious enough to allow us to continue for another year. So 2013 Professional members are again invited to join the ADN ranks, and of course, all 2014 Professional members as well. Note: the free ADN plan is only valid for non-ADN members.

For our publications we have some changes coming up.

In HotNews, our monthly e-newsletter, we are refocusing the content to get you quicker linking to the information you want. Be it a recently released upgrade to your favorite software, or links to articles in the Library. The main thrust of the newsletter will be pointed on timely informational links and not so much articles such as the CAD Manager.

But the CAD Manager and other columns are not going by the wayside. They are actually being "promoted" to AUGIWorld magazine. AUGIWorld will begin in Feb 2014 to publish the work of the handful of HotNews authors. The end result will be a more varied AUGIWorld magazine and a more consistent HotNews email.

Over in the forums we have completed the upgrade to version 4 of vBulletin. Since it went so well I don't have much to say. A good thing!

Also new on the horizon is the AUGI Webinar program. We have begun initial development for presenting and hosting informative webinars related to Autodesk and industry subjects.

Hey! Are you on LinkedIn? So is AUGI! We are working to raise awareness of our social communities such as LinkedIn – why don’t you pop on over and join us – it’s free! 

Lastly, we are now exceeding over 200,000 subscribers each month for HotNews. Woohoo! So that’s enough for now, I know you as excited as I am. See you in the forums!

Take care,
David Harrington

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