Letter from the President - February 2021

Hello to everyone in the AUGI world! I’m looking forward to serving as President of AUGI!

I am very grateful for all the support the CAD/BIM community has shown me over the past 34 years, since the first time I touched the keyboard of a computer with CAD software loaded on it. One of my goals has always been to give back to this community. I’ve done this by presenting and mentoring presenters at AU, presenting at conferences in California, Nevada, Hawaii, & Utah, and providing training for going on 28 years. Another goal of mine is to help CAD/BIM users to find resources and answer questions that will take them to the next level in their skills. I believe that mentoring others is an essential part of the future of our industries.

This issue is dedicated to the beginner, but I believe that everyone will learn something new in this month’s AUGI World, as there is always something new to be learned. So delve into these pages and find the one new thing that will improve your world and maybe your co-workers as well!

Go out and be a mentor to the beginners around you (yes, even those who are only beginners themselves, there is always someone that is just starting to learn)! Mentoring and teaching others helps you find your own passion for your industry and you will find joy in helping others (even on a virtual platform)!

I am genuinely excited to be able to contribute to the AUGI community and my hope is that AUGI will grow and be a continually renewing fountain of knowledge for all AUGI members!

My best regards to all of you,


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