Letter From The President - December 2013

Happy holidays AUGI member!

Welcome to my final letter for the year and I have a lot to report!

The big news, AU2013. It was another wonderful event! On the AUGI front we had a large booth that we shared with the Autodesk International Community and in our booth again had a Top Daug competition. We had over 360 contestants compete and show off their skills in Autodesk software. Each contestant received an AUGI Top Daug medal for their efforts. Then on the final day we announced the winners and the grand prize winner Ben Rand (see you next year Ben!).

Then new this year was the AUGI Photo Booth where you and your friends could take a picture to remember AU2013. This quick and fun activity was a huge hit and some of the pictures look to be quite hilarious!

On the organizational front, we held a volunteer breakfast just prior to the start of AU to welcome our team and thank our dedicated and valued volunteers on another year of success. We also thanked our outgoing Board of Directors, Shaun Bryant, Melanie Stone-Perry, and Matt Worland. I suspect we will see many of them again soon!

Later that same day we held a Local User Group Luncheon where we welcomed leaders of LUGs from around the world to share with AUGI their experiences and challenges. AUGI also shared with them some of our solutions to aid in their operations. Autodesk was also in attendance and clearly showed that they feel LUGs are critical to the success of the Autodesk user community and are interested in helping in whatever way they can.

Then in the middle of the week we held the 2013 AUGI Annual General Meeting. I had the pleasure of leading the meeting and sharing with those in attendance what has been going on during the course of the year and what AUGI has in store for 2014. We also unveiled the AUGI Top ten Wish List for 2013 and had Moonhie Chen/ Senior VP for Global Customer Support and Operations, accept the list on behalf of Autodesk. Care to see the full presentation? Here is a link to a PDF of the presentation. Also Autodesk will be posting the video of the event soon on the AU website.

One the last day of the event we then pulled a random winner for the 2013 AUGI scavenger Hunt. This fun investigative exercise had hundreds of AUGI members visiting our sponsors and gaining knowledge about their products. The winner this year was Tony Meulemans (see you next year Tony!).

Then after the big event was over, the AUGI Board of Directors met for a 4 hour debrief on the event and other issues. Truthfully the AUGI Theatre was a bust this year and our only disappointment. So for 2014 expect to see something new in the AUGI Booth. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, we have just wrapped up the election for the 2014-2016 Board of Directors. Congratulations to the soon to be annouced winners!

So that’s enough isn’t it? There was even more happening in the month of December 2013 but it can wait. Here at AUGI we all wish you a very happy holiday season and wonderful new year!

Take care,
David Harrington

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