Letter from the President - December 2012

Dear AUGI member,

Welcome to the December 2012 issue of AUGI HotNews!

Here is the latest and greatest news about AUGI and other activities…

Tiered Membership Plan

The new membership plans are LIVE! The new membership plans are LIVE! Do I need to say it again? We now have a free membership level named “Basic”. And we now have a Premier membership level at $25 per year. And the highest membership level at Professional is available for $100 (discounted to $75 for the month of December). The top level of Professional also gets the added benefit of getting AUGIWorld magazine in print delivered to your door!

AUGIWorld Magazine

The November 2012 issue was recently released to coincide with AU2012. Next up is December and then we enter next year with a whole new schedule. Coming in 2013 we will be releasing AUGIWorld early in the month and HotNews later in the month. Now we just need to do it… changing release schedules of publications can be tricky. But at the end of the day the magazine will be better for it and we are all very excited to see the changes coming in 2013.

AUGI Wish List System

During AU2012 at the AUGI Annual General Meeting we released the AUGI 2012 Top Ten Wish Lists for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, Navisworks Manage, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure. This marks a turning point by the inclusion of 2 new products since last year. Expanding on the wish list allows you, the user, an even greater voice to Autodesk to improve their products. We will be publishing the results in the December issue of AUGIWorld – look for the release notice soon!

Autodesk University 2012

Whew! It was a busy week for sure. Not only was the AUGI Booth extremely popular and the Top Daug contest rocking with 350+ combatants! We had the Community Theater where partners of AUGI conducts short 25 min presentations. We held a breakfast meeting for about 50 AUGI Volunteers at AU where we discussed how to help them do even more in the future. We then held a manager level luncheon meeting to help expose more about how AUGI operates and where new opportunities are coming. Lastly, we had the AUGI Annual Meeting where we discussed our activities for the year and plans for 2013. It was recorded and we will be posting this sometime in December.

AUGI Board of Directors Election

The elections are open, please log into the website and cast your vote for next AUGI Board of Directors. Our slate of candidates are all well poised to help the organization grow and continue to develop over the next few years. I want convey my sincere thanks to all the candidates for their volunteering to join the Board and wish them all the best of luck.

Until next year, see you in the forums…

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