Letter from the President - April 2022

I hope you are all enjoying some spring sunshine or showers, whichever your preference is!

This issue of AUGIWORLD is dedicated to collaboration. Mostly everything we do every day is about collaboration in some way, shape or form. With CAD/BIM products it takes on a whole new meaning because so many of you work on projects where multiple people/companies play different parts in the completion of the work. It’s important that you have the right tools/resources to make collaboration something that isn’t difficult.

One of my side volunteer gigs is working with a local AYSO Region (American Youth Soccer Organization) as their Regional Commissioner and Registrar. Collaboration is extremely important because we have so many moving parts. From making sure fields are painted and nets setup, to making sure the referees and coaches have what they need, it is all one giant mass of collaboration. We run non-stop for 7 weeks in the fall and again for 7 weeks in the spring. We do it because we believe in our mission. The mission is for kids to have fun, get some exercise and perhaps learn a skill. (The actual AYSO mission statement is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on the AYSO Philosophies: Everyone Plays® - Our goal is for kids to play soccer - so we mandate that every player on every team must play at least half of every game).

You all have your own mission, whether that is for work, family, or an organization that you volunteer for. How does collaboration help you in your mission?

The mission of AUGI is to provide an environment for users to help users. We offer benefits and publications that allow the global user community access to one another. Our motto is Users Helping Users. We work very hard to promote our membership as a community working together to strengthen each other and the community in general.

AUGIWORLD is a part of our mission to bring information from one CAD/BIM user to another.

Read on for articles on collaboration in CAD/BIM!

Take care,

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