Letter from the President - April 2021

It’s been over a year now since COVID-19 started changing the world as we know it. In just a few short weeks, companies moved employees in a mass exodus f rom corporate offices to work f rom their homes. For most of you this move changed your work environment in a drastic way. Over the past year I have heard many things I wouldn’t have believed even 15 months ago. I have a friend in Los Angeles who shared that his work space was an ironing board because its height was easily adjusted, and it fit in the limited space he had to work with. I know many people that are not only working from home but also home-schooling kids at the same time. How many of us would have expected how tolerant we would be during an online meeting when we hear a toddler cry, a child ask about their school work, or see a teenager on their parent’s camera? I know that I have learned a new level of compassion for everyone that I interact with on a daily basis.

I think we all can recite, without hardly a thought, all the negative things that the pandemic has triggered. But what about the positive things? I’ve spent more time with my family this year than I can even calculate. Prior to this year I did work f rom home, but I was traveling for training and client engagements at least twice a month which meant I was away f rom home about 40% of the month. Do I miss traveling? Yes, because it’s something I enjoy, but I’m happy that I’ve been able to spend more time with my husband and my two youngest kids (who are 16 and 18).

What positive items can we attribute to the pandemic in our work life or rather, what positive things have human beings accomplished under the pressure of all the changes in the corporate environment?

I say a huge kudos need to go out to the IT folks of the world! These are the “MacGyver’s” of our world that have figured out amazing solutions in a short amount of time. They have worked endless hours to bring us all to a place where we can accomplish our work, further our careers and provide for our families. So, take the time to say thank you to the IT professionals in your life (maybe bring them a homemade treat or a gift card for a cup of coffee)!

Another positive thing that has been accomplished is the rushed move to cloud solutions. What has taken years to develop and was painfully slow in happening, has blossomed ten-fold over the last year. Software companies are pouring their resources into expanding cloud services because employees are working f rom home. And surprises of all surprises (not really) many employees will continue to work f rom home even when the pandemic is over! Organizations have realized that employees can productively work f rom home. What seemed to be impossible situations, have been overcome by all of us coming together to make solutions happen!

What is all of this? This is a thing called collaboration! I believe that even though we are all working in what feels like a more isolated situation, we all are working very hard to collaborate.

This month’s AUGIWORLD issue is dedicated to collaboration, read on to discover articles with ways to collaborate that you may not have realized existed!

I’d like to personally dedicate this issue to the hardworking IT professionals who saved the day for many of us.

My best regards to all of you,


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