Letter from the President - April 2020

April brings refreshing thoughts of spring - baby animals romping in the fields, flowers blooming, landscapes turning green. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, especially after a long northeast U.S. winter! (As I am writing this on Leap Day, it is 27 beautiful degrees here!) It is time for spring cleaning and I cannot wait to open the windows and air out the house. I have two grown boys and a dog...enough said!

Recently I purchased a planner to help with household management. I am no domestic goddess, by any means. But, I do like to make lists. Just ask my husband. Taking a trip? I need a list of what to pack. Trying to figure out weekly schedules for our family? I need to make a list of our activities for the week. Meal planning for my family of five? You guessed it, I am making a list! Lists help to keep me focused and accountable. It is also something I use with my business to meet deadlines and keep happy clients. I have a monthly list, a weekly list, and yes, even a daily list. My daily list is broken down into blocks of time for each task. This is just another way that I create my own deadlines and stay focused. There is something very satisfying about checking off an item on my list!

This may sound rather extreme, but I know myself. I know how easy it is to get distracted. Especially since I work from home most of the time. I try to run my business as if I would in an office setting, with set hours and obligations. Of course, I may take a break to see what the dog is barking about! I enjoy control and flexibility of my schedule knowing what needs to be done, and how long it should take.

All of this leads into this month’s AUGIWORLD topic, which is Management. Whether you are considered “management” in your company or not, you ARE a manager! You are a manager of your life, your time, your job - whatever that may be. This month we are taking a look at how we manage our software, and our authors have put together their best management advice to share with you. I am sure you will learn something from these articles that you can apply to your own software applications.

This month, we welcome our new AUGI Board of Directors member, KaDe King as an appointment to replace Sam Lucido who stepped down for personal reasons. We will certainly miss Sam - thank you, Sam, for your contributions to our board over the past year! KaDe we look forward to working with you and for the exciting journey we will continue with AUGI.

Now to check this letter off my list...

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