Letter From The President - April 2014

Hello AUGI Member!

These months are just flying by! I know I am very busy and I'm sure many of the AUGI membership are as well. The economy has turned around, perhaps not quite 180 degrees, but a good way close to that.

We at AUGI are staying very busy. We have our publications going out each month as well as the general improvement to the organization is always being looked at.

Very recently we underwent a server provider change for This change should be felt in the reduced time needed to watch pages load on the website. During that transition we also strengthen our member creation mechanism to help combat "spam" memberships. Why people bother with that I have no idea. But the website enhancements are not over yet. We have recently had a site wide audit and have a pretty long list of fix recommendations from our developer. In some cases changed how we deliver a page of content, in other cases, database corrections, all in the hopes of improved speed and reliability of the site.

Our April 2014 issue of AUGIWORLD went out 2 weeks ago and is our annual "what's new from Autodesk". We had a lot of great content and if you have not read it yet you really should.

Recently we have had a few changes in officers of the organization, basically to spread the load and give new leaders a chance to help. And one month from now the AUGI Board of Directors plus a few others will be at One Market Street in San Fransisco, meeting with Autodesk and having several days of Board meetings. The May meeting will be a launch point for the remainder of 2014 and new AUGI initiatives. Look for some tweets from Melanie! 

Do you have an Autodesk related business? Do you consult for Autodesk services? Do you develop Autodesk 3rd party apps? if so, consider being listed in the AUGI Resources. It is free, you just have to log in. We are in the period of collecting entries now and have not "gone live". But you are welcome to add your "business card" to the system and it will be seen once we do go live.

And with that, I think this little letter is a wrap!

Take care,

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