Letter from the President - 2012 March

Greetings, AUGI member!

This year has really gotten off to a great start and it is flying off the calendar! The new Board of Directors has had two teleconference meetings so far, along with perhaps 40 different email conversations ranging from scheduling other meetings all the way to what sort of events do we want to support. It isn’t easy keeping track of all these issues, so we utilize email a lot, along with an online project management service.

Last month you got the latest and greatest insight into our activities. Here is some more!

AUGIWorld: Well, the January 2012 edition was very late in getting printed and delivered. We won’t be using that printer again. That said, the digital edition is where we hang our hat and we really want to do a great job. No worries—AUGIWorld will still be coming to you direct each and every month.

AUGI Dues: With all the aggravation over the printed version of AUGIWorld the topic of paid dues is on hold at the moment. We may also consider a new approach, which I hope to have news on this time next month. In general the website is running very well. We have invested in some pretty good technology and don’t foresee any issues. We still do see a slow down when we release AUGIWorld (PDF downloads) so we will be adjusting the email notification to be outside of normal business hours.

AUGI Forums: We have begun prepping for the vb4 upgrade. By this time next month it should be done.

AUGI Events: No changes and no CAD Camps for 2012, but do keep an eye on the events right-side module for events in your area. If a new upcoming event utilizes Autodesk software, then let us know and we may be able to add it in.

AUGI Wish List: Our developer is making some progress on the revised ranking system. Those who have used the system in the past know it isn’t the fastest thing out there. These new changes, once implemented, should help a great deal. Once the ranking system is fixed, then the year-long voting will be enabled.

AUGI HotNews: Our little newsletter is still a great channel to get the latest news from the AUGI and Autodesk world.

AUGI Communities: I’m looking for volunteers interesting in helping in a community focus, be it software or industry. Let me know if you want to get involved!

AUGI Education: You now have access to Global e-Training services via AUGI. Now the question is, what’s next? We are working with GeT to offer trial access to their services for AUGI members. In addition, we are working to host old Autodesk University content on in the very near future.

That’s it for this month – see you in the Forums!

Take care,
David Harrington

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