Letter from the President - 2012 February

Happy February, AUGI member!

Did you know that writing this letter to the AUGI members each month isn’t as hard as some would think? The hard part is actually sitting down and finding the 30 minutes and then try and recall all that is going on! Ok, with that out of the way let me have a go at it.

In the January 2012 issue I listed out many of the activities we have lined up for 2012. That actually may work really well to update you again since that is where our focus has been this month.

AUGIWORLD: As previously mentioned we are working to put AUGIWORLD back in paper printing. By the time of this edition of HotNews, the January 2012 edition is coming off the presses and should be on planes, trains, and automobiles – and soon into postal boxes! Getting this process down has not gone as smoothly as we wanted with a few late changes by our printers. Hopefully February will go better!

AUGI Dues: The new Professional Membership plan is holding while we get the print and delivery process for AUGIWORLD fully understood and operational. Look for more on that next month. Our redesign of the top bar navigation went off without any issues at all, which was very nice! Our two publications, AUGIWORLD and HotNews, now have top level access and a few other important channels are now up top as well.

AUGI Forums: Updating to vBulletin v4 is in the queue. Just…need…to…get…it…done.  In the mean time, we have passed 1 million posts - Wow!

AUGI Events: No CAD Camps for 2012, but do keep an eye on the events right-side module for events in your area. If a new upcoming event utilizes Autodesk software, then let us know and we will add it in.

AUGI Wish List: The administration portal is still developing. Also, it may have been mentioned before, but soon year-long voting will be opened!

AUGI HotNews: Seems to be working well, no? You are reading it now… ;)

AUGI Communities: I’m looking for volunteers interesting in helping in a community focus, be it software or industry. Let me know if you want to get involved!

AUGI Education: FINALLY! You now have access to professional-level training services via and our official training partner, Global eTraining. Taking advantage of the services through AUGI not only gets you the best available, but also helps provide funding for the organizational operations.

As for the organization, the new 2012 AUGI Board of Directors met via teleconference in January for the first meeting of the year. We conducted broad overviews and discussions of activities and financials. In addition, we had confirmation voting for the officers of the organization. I’m pleased to inform you that Peter Jamtgaard was retained as Vice President, Melanie Perry as Secretary, Desirée Mackey as Treasurer, and myself as President for 2012.

So AUGI members, get up, get in, and be empowered. And with that I bid you adios!

Take care,

David Harrington

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