Letter from the President - 2012 April

Hello AUGI member!

By the time you read this, we will have all heard some interesting news from Autodesk. Hopefully you have taken the opportunity to get an inside look at what is to come. Consider poking around and learn what it is right around the corner!

Now for the run down on the latest happenings around AUGI:

AUGIWorld: We have recently delivered the March issue of AUGIWorld in paper print and are well on our way to get this done on a monthly basis. The digital edition of the March 2012 issue was released just last week. Notice the cool images we put on the cover? Your work can be on the cover as well! Just contact me to submit your images.

AUGI Dues: Recently the AUGI Board of Directors took up the issue of dues and has reached a decision. AUGI membership plans will be the following: Free (current), then two higher levels at $25 and $75. The later includes delivery of AUGIWorld magazine in paper print. The naming of these plans may yet change, but preliminarily branded Premium at $25 and Professional at $75. Look for more information on this in the near future. Running smoothly… nice huh?

AUGI Forums: The development planning of the vB4 upgrade is complete and, by the time of this HotNews, should be complete. One major new feature is mobile access on smart phones. No more zooming in to read a post on your phone!

AUGI Events: Recently many AUGI members participated in the Autodesk Media Summit in San Francisco. Upcoming in May and June are the Revit Technology Conferences in Sydney, Australia and Stone Mountain, GA, USA.

AUGI Wish List System: Progress! By the time you read this, year-long voting should now be active! What does this means? What it means is that as ranking is on-going during the year, we also able to conduct voting on the top 30 in each product. This is then on-demand information for Autodesk to utilize when they are developing new product features.

AUGI HotNews: We have just released the 110th HotNews! Isn’t that great news? Going forward, what else could we do? Hmmmmm

AUGI Communities: As in last month, we are looking for volunteers interested in helping in a community focus, be it software or industry. Let me know if you want to get involved!

AUGI Education: Besides accessing Global eTraining via AUGI we have recently been given 2008 and older Autodesk University content. We are now working on the best hosting and delivery technology for this material. Once we do have it hosted, it will be the beginning of website content specifically for AUGI members. What this means is you will begin to see sections of the website be locked down to AUGI member login only. As such, you should consider making sure that logging into the website is part of your normal activity with the website.

That’s it for this month – now go vote {page_400346} for your top ten wishes!

Take care,
David Harrington

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