Let’s Talk Tips

Let’s talk tips. Revit tips. For Everyone. Quickly.

I will share two tips (yes, only two, but don’t judge yet) and if you exclaim “Only two?” then I would caution “Careful, Icarus.”

Anyhow, following these two tips will change your (Revit) life and probably take weeks if not months and/or years to get through, yet be a journey of exploration and learning. And who knows? You might inspire others, too.

Let’s start and end with two questions to set context and I suggest you notice if your perspective changes the second time around, as I will ask them again at the end.

Dear Beginner & Intermediate Reviteurs:

Do you want to learn Revit? The “tips” below will generate the rock star in you.

Dear Advanced Reviteurs:

Do you think you “know” Revit? Maybe there is more to learn (or remember).

Now, just before I ask those for the second time, how would you answer the following two questions?

Have you looked at every button, flyout, dialog within a flyout within an expanded window, every setting possible, on every tab, etc. (Via the main interface, not even getting into the API, which houses commands the standard user cannot even get to?)

Figure 1

Figure 1 highlights an old tip to get html exports (that with a bit of editing can produce some cool results). What else is hiding in Revit? Tip #1 could answer all of that.

Do you know every Instance and Type Parameter for every object?

Figure 2

Figure 2 is just one of the thousands of possibilities to setup or ignore. If we ignore intelligently, so be it. If we are ignoring because we truly do not know something even exists “right there,” well, a happy face will just not do in response.

If you can answer the preceding two questions with “Yes, completely” then you probably don’t need to read on, let alone try the “tips” below. Every other human working in Revit, enjoy.

Tip 01: Touch every button and flyout

Learn the tool you spend a predominant part of your life using.

Tip 02: Learn the parameters!

Learn one to ten every day—find what is hiding right in front of you.

How do these questions land now?

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