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In a poll posted on the March 2012 AUGI homepage, we asked members whether or not they were currently looking at jobs. It is nice to see that 49% of members are satisfactorily employed. However, it does make one wonder about the remainder.

17% of the respondents looking for work were currently unemployed, but that is a smaller percentage than the 23% who have a job but are disaffected enough to search for something new.

Now, for obvious reasons, I will not be quoting anyone directly. But, I have been speaking to quite a few workers recently about their reasons for putting feelers out. Some are interested in a promotion while others are looking for higher compensation or better benefits. Some have workplace personality conflicts, a few have reached educational or certification goals, still others are just looking for greater challenges, and a couple indicated moral discomfort.

There was a noticeable trend with this final reason. I heard over and over that employees had accepted belt-tightening over the past few years as business was slow (they reduced hours, lowered pay, provided no bonuses, reduced or removed benefits, and added duties), but the perception now is that business has picked up enough to restore compensation packages to their previous levels, to invoke consistent, methodological reviews, and provide deserved raises that had been 'put on hold” due to the economy.

Obviously, only company owners and their finance departments can attest to whether this impression is mistaken. It is certain, however, that if companies do not address these concerns with their staff, they stand to lose skilled employees.

Forbes recently published some articles (December 2011-February 2012) on the topic of losing top talent and why the best and the brightest workers become disaffected enough to seek employment elsewhere. Remember to pop into the CAD Management area on to discuss hiring and retention issues with your peers.


April's homepage poll is for all you Reviteers out there.

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