3ds Max: Industry Insights

3D continues to make enormous strides, becoming integral to many industries. E-commerce, for example, continues to implement 3ds Max work and web technology to benefit their customers and partners. The e-commerce market is massive, and 3D is helping in many areas:

  • Customers get a better online shopping experience with the ability to view a digital product from any angle in any setting.

  • 3D eliminates the cost of renting studios or purchasing lighting and camera equipment for product shots.

  • 3D content can be reskinned and repurposed for multiple uses. 
  • High-resolution 3D content is helpful for marketing and media.

  • Automated platforms help customers and creators submit 3D content quickly, affordably, and potentially without ever contacting anyone to get started.
  • 3D content is more sustainable, eliminating waste and promoting reuse.

The list and demand for 3D content continue to grow. Companies are integrated content for every product related to interior design, fashion, beauty, apparel, automotive, grocery items, and more. They are providing their partners and customers tools to load and view products in efficient and immersive ways. For example, automotive and shoe companies are already known for the ability for customers to view customized options before purchase. Furniture companies are working to provide customers the ability to position furniture in their homes by augmenting reality with customized style options.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are also increasing their adoption of 3d content in exciting ways. An entrepreneur in Texas created their fashion products with personalized labels and bottles while starting production, marketing, and orders. Another in Florida created a rubber duck (and cat) that released bath soaps incrementally and wanted a model to verify it would pass choak tests. A generator company wanted their invention modeled for cleaner marketing and business materials. Someone in Arizona used 3D to produce a customized cat toy that looked like fishing lures, and a fishing rod company used 3D to promote fishing rod accessories. It takes imagination and hard work, but 3D has become a tool for many people to reach and promote their dreams.

If you want to get started in the e-commerce world with 3ds Max, I recommend reviewing Jose M. Elizardo's introduction located here:

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