HP SpacePilot Pro Relieves Design Work Stress


As a designer, you know first hand the stress associated with developing a new product. Even with advanced mechanical design software such as Autodesk Inventor, the manual repetition and constant redesign work can place undue stress on both your mind and body.

The HP SpacePilot ProIntelligent Controller can reduce these stressors and help you work faster than you ever thought possible. This tool improves your productivity by allowing you to use one hand on your mouse and one on the controller.

HP SpacePilot Pro offers refined sensing technology that lets you change the center of rotation, quickly pan and zoom, and rapidly animate assemblies – simply by pushing, tilting, or twisting the control cap.

In addition, functional speed keys help you reduce the amount of time it takes to design, visualize, and simulate your products using Autodesk Inventor. These include navigational keys that deliver fingertip access to 32 standard views and customizable intelligent function keys that provide instant access to 10 frequently used commands.

HP SpacePilot Pro is available on the HP Z Workstation family, including the HP Z400 and HP Z600 Workstations, which are ideal for users of Autodesk Inventor. These workstations can deliver the compute and visualization power you need to run your mechanical design software. In addition, these systems, including the hardware, software, and graphics, are fully tested and certified for Autodesk Inventor.

Learn more about HP SpacePilot Pro and how HP Workstations deliver the performance you need to run Autodesk Inventor. And check out some of special deals on HP Workstations for Autodesk Subscription customers.

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