HP Earns Kudos for Desktop Workstations

As 2009 draws to its close, HP would like to thank its customers and partner Autodesk for their continued support and trust in our products. Industry research firm IDC, in the November 2009 issue of IDC Worldwide Workstation Tracker, reported that HP was the number one vendor in the desktop and mobile workstation category for the third quarter of 2009. HP’s share had grown steadily during previous quarters, ultimately achieving a 44.1 percent market share worldwide. For this HP says, "Thank you, and we will continue to work hard to earn your support." Interesting to note in the IDC engineering segment, of which Autodesk customers are included, HP has held the number one worldwide position in desktop workstations for 1 ¾ years.

One might ask "How has HP achieved this growth during a period of serious economic downturn?" It is the value proposition presented by new technologies that enable the user to achieve greater productivity and open up new and more efficient ways of getting the job done. By leveraging technology, the HP customer saves money by investing in better technology.

"In a difficult economy, we’ve seen customers around the globe investing in HP Z Workstations because of the surprisingly short period of time in which the workstations pay for themselves with performance and productivity gains," says Jim Zafarana, vice president and general manager, Workstations, HP.

A major portion of these performance and productivity gains come from the increased ability of HP Z Workstations to perform tasks more rapidly than prior generations of workstations. This allows software users to develop digital models using powerful applications from companies like Autodesk, where physical modeling and prototyping had been the norm, cutting significant time from the design and production cycle and considerable cost from the project budget.

"As our customers move to building information modeling and digital prototyping, many are choosing powerful HP Workstations so they can fully benefit from our advanced 3D visualization, simulation and analysis tools," says Jeff Kowalski, chief technology officer, Autodesk. "HP Workstations also play a critical role in Autodesk's development process, and we congratulate our partner on achieving this market share milestone."

Introduced earlier in 2009, the award-winning HP Z Workstations allow customers moving to the Z series to take advantage of HP’s continued innovation providing more robust performance, greater reliability, and greater flexibility in the office and outside of it.

Customers switch for better performance, but get revolutionary changes Peter Basso Associates, a Troy, Michigan-based consulting engineering firm, specializes in the design of technically challenging, sustainable, and high-performance mechanical/electrical systems. When it switched to HP workstations to drive its design and engineering operations, it experienced unexpected benefits.

"When we switched to HP, we were amazed at all that came with it. ISV testing, software certification, and technical support tuning our hardware to optimize AutoCAD and Revit performance were unexpected and very welcome extras," says Bill Case, IT chief, Peter Basso Associates. "Overall, HP's help is instrumental in our ability to plan ahead, fully leverage our design staff, and take on more advanced software. Today our firm and our designs are more sophisticated because of it."

Similarly, Bologna, Italy-based Ducati chose HP Workstations to power the design and analysis behind its racing-inspired motorcycles, which are known for a unique combination of engine features, innovative design, advanced engineering, and overall technical excellence.

"Thanks to HP Workstations, we only work on CAD design applications and have abandoned physical models," says Roberto Cane, electronic system manager, Ducati Corse. "We used to prepare real dimension profiles of the motorcycle and its components, with two or three models for each part to check and compare all possible alternatives. Digitalizing this process means great savings in terms of time and money, and we also benefit from a lower error margin."

HP further differentiates its workstations from the competition with the HP SkyRoom videoconference and collaboration tool. HP SkyRoom is available on all HP Z workstations at no extra cost, and can be downloaded for use on any PC that meets minimum requirements for a nominal cost of $149. HP SkyRoom not only enables video conferencing and remote operations, but also saves the enterprise money through reduced travel costs. In an age of greater environmental awareness and resource conservation, this is a powerful tool for reducing carbon footprints without impacting effectiveness.

The HP Z800, HP Z600 and HP Z400 Workstations are the culmination of more than 20 HP design innovations - including a self-checking power supply - and take advantage of the Intel Xeon processor family. HP continues to pursue the best technological solutions for its customers, striving to earn their continued support, every day.

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