Home Page Poll: How Did You Hear About AUGI?

We've recently introduced polls on the AUGI homepage, to quickly find out bits of information about our membership. Thank you to everyone who took the time to chime in and vote. This poll also inspired some reminisces from members in the Coffee Without CAD forum, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn. Great stories, folks!

Looking at the results, we can see that the clear leader for sharing about AUGI is our coworkers, since 31percent of members heard of the organization through their workplace. Search engines are the second-biggest driver at 19 percent .

Something interesting is the personal connection inherent in the results. Only 25 percent of knowledge of AUGI came about because of things like search engines, the software help menus, and social media. The other 75 percent came from person-to-person contact—in the workplace, at school, through a Local User Group, at Autodesk University, and other events.

This month's poll is for the users of AutoCAD (and its vertical products). Please take a second to share which release your company is currently using by going to the AUGI home page and taking the poll.

If you have any suggestions for future polls (or surveys), please let me know:

Melanie Perry is a member of the AUGI Board of Directors.


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