Groin Vaults a Model of Efficiency

From the desk of “you wouldn’t believe what I saw modeled” I was inspired to take a look back from a pandemic’s perch. Stay well, model safely ;)

Think before you model!

Is there a better way?

What is not being considered?

How would Jay do it?

I dare say "Watch the video below" So I shall...

Watch the video below; if you want a quick way to model Groin Vaults that is...

Why do I dare? Well, so I don't have to elaborate (at this time) on my thinking that much of humanities' outlook; that things (Revit Modeling, in this case) are difficult or not as easy as "other" software, etc., is usually an ego response to a lack of understanding, clarity, or perspective. Also we must resist our great capacity to make complex that which is simple (and/or easy).

I posit that many, if not most times, it is us marginally evolved primates who add the complexity in too many cases; it is us who fail to think things through before bounding forth (kinda why Architects and Engineers are Planners, no???)... Software only does what we tell it and until we know the entire breadth (or most) of the possibilities available in a software we are not yet qualified to render an intelligent viewpoint. Revit can accomplish everything required for BIM creation… there are only a few good ways though to do any one ‘task’.

But hey, we enjoy freedom of speech. So, I guess one can bring any viewpoint (erroneous or not), just be ready for the fallout ;-)

I am not saying that I don't jump into things with both guns blazing as it were, but if I am trying to create something in an AEC modeling software, I might try what "I think" should be done first; but I do keep an open mind that "it may very well be my lack of understanding" that makes me think "it can't be done", etc...since usually (read as: most all the time) it can be. That said:

3 minutes of groin vault bliss at: (funny voice at no extra charge)

Actual Modeling time of Groin Vaults: 1 minute 50 seconds

If I would not have been explaining at the same time, it would have taken about 1 minute or less. But, this is less about me and more about what you can do too!

If you know anyone who complains about Revit, saying things like "in other software it only takes a few button clicks to draw a line", set them straight that it’s a ‘them’ problem…a perspective challenge.

I usually look to the whole project and overlay the idea that sometimes it is ‘faster’ spending more time to do a task once correctly than it is to rush through just to appear ‘complete’ (and having to do ‘it’ again). That said, sometimes faster is the best approach.  Like in the groin vault’s case, your results may vary.

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