Revit Architecture: Groin Vault—Modeling in Minutes

As a preface, this is in response to the age old “mine is bigger than yours” debate… as in AECO software preferences lol.

If you want to see a Groin Vault modeled in a few minutes in Autodesk® Revit®, simply jump to the link below (at the end ;). If you want a quick dose of snark, read on…

Why do I caution? Well, so I don't have to elaborate (at this time) on my thinking that much of humanities' outlook, our outlook(s) that things (Revit Modeling, in this case) are difficult or not as easy as "other" software, etc. is usually an ego response illustrating a lack of understanding, clarity, and/or perspective.

I posit that much of the time it is we marginally evolved primates who add complexity where there is none, just like we can find patterns where none exist. It is we who fail to think things through before bounding forth at times...

Software only does what we tell it and until we know the entire breadth (or most) of the possibilities available in any software, we are not yet qualified to render an intelligent viewpoint. But we enjoy freedom of speech, so I guess one can bring any viewpoint (erroneous or not). Just be ready for the fallout ;-)

I am not saying that I don't jump into things with both guns blazing, as it were, but if I am trying to create something in a modeling software, I might try what "I Think" should be done first. I do keep an open mind… it very well may be my lack of understanding that makes me emotionally react that "it can't be done", etc... but since usually (read as: kinda all the time) that task can be done, the solution may just be opaque momentarily.

That said: Modeling Groin Vaults in Revit® is Easy and Simple! The actual modeling time of the video’s Groin Vaults was about 1 minute 50 seconds, but if I wouldn't have been explaining at the same time it would have taken 1 minute or less. I think there are six steps, so you can take notes and have a good how-to for Revit newcomers.

If you are one who complains that "in other software it only takes a few button clicks to do this" I say to you: I am NOT going to count my button clicks, but I do feel that one minute to model a Groin Vault is really a non issue.... Oh, how does "the other" software handle schedules, sheets, (shall I go on)?

Figure 1

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