From the President: AUGI Announcements

Hello again!

I’m happy to report that there are things to report again this month! For one, AUGI continues to grow. We are now over 207,000 members worldwide! To date, we have added more than 10,000 members in 2011. Our forums continue to be a resource for Autodesk users worldwide as well. I say “users” instead of “members” because the AUGI forums are open to all to read. The forums are a major reason why AUGI exists. Are you participating?

As I have stated before, we are working to continue enhancing the forums. The most recent improvement is the multi-quote feature, used when replying to an existing post. This feature really helps those posts with multiple questions because now you can respond to them that way as well. It’s cool… get in and try it!

Next up is AUGIWORLD magazine. Our official publication is growing and growing—so much so that you may have to set aside some serious time to read an issue. The May 2011 issue was 70 pages! Now I don’t know if that was an unusual set of events, but the days of a 30-page AUGIWORLD issue are long gone. Here’s my plug for new authors…you can write too! What are you waiting for? Contact me for more info.

While I’m talking about AUGIWORLD, we are looking to introduce classifieds again. We had this type of advertising years ago, but not recently. A classified section is simply a much smaller advertising format, ideal for smaller consulting or product providers. This is an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to thousands of Autodesk users. Interested? Just contact us

As I write this letter I am returning from the RTC Australasia. It was held in Gold Coast, near Brisbane, AU, and was my first time “Terra Australis.” Quite an event! If you are moving into the BIM space and working with Revit, you should consider attending the upcoming RTC North America event to be held in late June. AUGI will have a booth at that event and is a proud sponsor of RTC North America. Find out more at

Of course, for a good number of cities in the USA, AUGI is coming direct to you! The 2011 AUGI CAD Camp schedule has been released. AUGI CAD Camp offers single day, high-value, instructor-led training in numerous North American cities. Want to know if there’s a CAD Camp coming to your area? Easy, check out

The AUGI Board of Directors has been busy as well. Some will be happy to know that we are caught up on the meeting minutes and they are now being posted within the desired timeline. One of the upcoming initiatives is a restructuring of the membership form on the website. It will be better organized and include automatic address verification so that we can gather better membership data. We really do need to know where you, as a member, reside so that we can plan and promote the organization more effectively.

Obviously a big challenge is getting members to update their membership data. As a first step in this effort we will conduct a promotion in which members worldwide who update their membership info and visit can participate. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so stay tuned to this channel…

Take care,
David Harrington
AUGI President

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